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Tustin, California
Needs to be honored with a street name.

John Harry Johnson
- Sergeant Major, U.S. Marine Corp

John Harry Johnson

Sergeant Major

U.S. Marine Corp

Born: Aug 17, 1921

Killed in Action -
July 12, 1967 (45)

Tustin Military Heroes

John Harry Johnson, Sergeant Major, HQ CO, HQ BN, 1ST MARDIV, III MAF
Killed in Action - Vietnam July 12, 1967

My father served in the U.S. Marine Corps and fought in WWII on Guadalcanal, in the Korean War and in Vietnam where he was killed on July 12, 1967. He received the Bronze Star posthumously and we found out after his memorial service that he was designated to become the next Sgt. Major of the Marine Corps which is the highest ranking enlisted man and would serve with the Commandant of the Marine Corps in Washington D.C.

He was buried in Arlington National Cemetery and of course his name is on the "Wall", the Vietnam Memorial. We had interesting ties to Tustin beginning in late 1940's when our home was half a quonset hut on what is now the OC Rescue Mission site. That is where I had my first Christmas in 1948.

In 1965 after being stationed in Pearl Harbor HI we found ourselves back in Tustin, this time living in housing on what is now the Tustin Legacy property. From 1966-67 we lived in a rented home near Columbus Tustin Middle School until his death in July. He was the oldest serviceman from Orange County to die in the Vietnam War, one month shy of his 46th birthday. I truly hope that the opportunity may arise
where he could be honored along with the other "Street sign heroes."

Best wishes,

Johnny Johnson
President Blue Buoy Swim School

John H. Johnson is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall at Panel 23E, Line 60 www.virtualWall.org - Link to Location on VertualWall.org

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