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Inwood, New York
Fire Department

Joseph Sanford Jr. Avenue, Inwood, NY

In December 2014, Joseph Sanford, 43, responded to a raging house fire in Woodmere and was critically
injured when he fell through a hole on the first floor, landing in the basement. He died days later.

The ceremony that drew more than 120 people, including local firefighters, and Sanford’s family and friends.
Jacqueline Sanford, the firefighter’s widow, called the street-renaming “a beautiful tribute to a wonderful man.”

“I’m proud of my father. He deserved everything that everyone has ever done for him,” said his daughter,
Janisha Sanford, 21

The Alabama native worked for the Nassau County Public Works Department and was an Inwood Fire Department volunteer for 17 years, including a stint as an assistant chief.

“He was a cornerstone of several youth programs” and befriended many with an “infectious smile,” said the fire department’s chaplain, Luke Magliaro...Link here for more information

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