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Honor your fallen veterans and local heroes from Minnesota who have street signs named after them. By posting them on this website you will help keep their memories alive.

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As a veteran and member of the Tustin American Legion, Post 227, I started the website StreetSignHero.com
to help support an event in our city that honors our fallen military heroes who have street signs named after them.

On the date of their sacrifice people gather at each street location to honor them. It started with a small
group of supporters in early 2016 and has grown to include an opening ceremony with speakers and local VIPs.

The results in Tustin, California for fallen veterans gave me the inspiration to go further and to add other states
with cities which had streets named after their own "heroes." I also added additional "heroes" with street names...
the Fire Department, the Police Department and local citizens who gave their lives and have been honored by
their communities.

Most people do not know who their street was named after and who they were in the community.
These heroes gave their lives in the service of our country or community ....they should never be forgotten.


Pete Beatty
Tustin, California

Appleton - http://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2005/03/02_steilm_appletonstreets/?refid=0

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