Honoring our Fallen Heroes

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Killed In Action

World War I
Crane Court - U. S. Army - William W. Crane
Walling Avenue - U. S. Army - Clarence C. Walling

World War II
Applegate Street - U. S. Army - Herbert Applegate
Beaman Boulevard - U. S. Army - George Beaman
Bonifacio Drive - U. S. Army - Michael Bonifacio
Branson Drive - U. S. Army - Thomas G. Branson
Chance Drive - U. S. Army - Walter Chance
Chanowich Court - U. S. Army - Samuel Chanowich
Debele Lane - U. S. Marine Corps - Charles F. Debele
Etzkorn Court - U. S. Army - Eugene Etzkorn
Hayes Court - U. S. Navy - Francis M. Hayes
Henry Drive - U. S. Army - George C. Henry
Joseph Drive - U. S. Navy - Arthur Josephs
Kornish Drive - U. S. Army - Paul P. Konish
Lauer Court - U. S. Army - Frederick Lauer
Lisk Court - U. S. Army - Arnold Lisk
Neville Drive - U. S. Army - Francis Neville
Overton Drive - U. S. Army - James Overton
Papa Court - U. S. Army - Vernon Papa
Pate Drive - U. S. Army - Robert Pate
Thorne Place - U. S. Army - Horace "Buddy" Thorne

Carmello Court - U. S. Marine Corps - Joseph Carmello Jr.
Collins Avenue - U. S. Army - Henry Ripper Collins
Feakes Drive - U. S. Air Force - Edward Feakes
Smith Place - U. S. Army - Gabriel John Smith

Bauer Court - U. S. Navy - Fireman (E3) Alfred Bauer - Jan. 16,1969 (Wall of Faces)
Belicose Court - U. S. Army - Sergeant (E5) Richard Belicose - May 20, 1967
Berg Court - U. S. Army - Chief Warrant Officer George Phillip Berg - Feb. 18, 1971
Birch Street - U. S. Marine Corps - Corporal Thomas H. Birch - Feb. 23, 1968
Blevins Avenue - U. S. Marine Corps - Corporal Thomas Lee Blevins, Jr. - May 31, 1969
Butler Lane - U. S. Army - Gregory Butler
Doherty Drive - U. S. Marine Corps - Second Lieutenant John William Doherty - July 02, 1967
Klein Way - U. S. Army - Specialist (E4) Dennis W. Klein - March 06, 1968
Kolas Court - U. S. Marine Corps - Robert Kolas
Mouritzen Place - U. S. Army - Specialist Five Donald Andrew Mouritzen - June 08, 1967
Pape Drive - U. S. Army - John Pape
Rocky Memorial Parkway - U. S. Air Force - Captain Robert Edward Rocky - Sept. 17, 1966 (Wall of Faces)
Schulz Drive - U. S. Marine Corps - Corporal (E4) William Arthur Schulz - 10/15/1967

Middle East
Zilinski Drive - U. S. Army - Dennis W. Zilinski (Iraq)
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