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Tustin, California
TCF Patriots & Pioneers 2017 Calendar

"My hope is that the residents that live on these streets will never forget these young men."
Tustin Patriots & Pioneers, Chairperson Donna Perry - Tustin, California

Sgt. Joseph Brand USMC Sunday, February 12 Brand Drive 5:30pm Map
Staff Sgt. Marvin Gray Army Air Force Thursday, March 9 Gray Place 5:30pm Map
PFC Arthur Dishman Army Air Force Thursday, March 9 *Gray Place 5:30pm Map
PFC Carlos Davis USMC Wednesday, March 22 Davis Drive 5:30pm Map
PFC Allen DuRoy Army Tuesday, April 18 Duroy Court 5:30pm Map
Ensign Ralph Plumb USN Sunday, May 7 Plumb Drive 5:30pm Map
PFC Charles Alstot Army Thursday, May 11 Alstot Court 5:30pm Map
2nd Lt. Edward Bristow Army Wednesday, June 14 Bristow Lane 5:30pm Map
Joint Ceremony for the Remaining   Thursday, July 12 Dishman Place 5:30pm Map
2nd Lt. Paul Kimball Army Air Force Monday, August 14 Kimball Place 5:30pm Map
Capt. Nelson Holderman Army Sunday, September 3 Holderman Court 5:30pm Map
Coxswain Theodore Taulbee USN Saturday, September 16 Taulbee Court 5:30pm Map
Ensign Derril Wollert USN Wednesday, September 20 **Taulbee Court 5:30pm Map
PFC John Bruns Army Wednesday, September 20 Bruns Drive 5:30pm Map
Petty Officer Ernest Costello USN Thursday, October 12 Costello Drive 5:30pm Map
Cpl. Lawrence Churchill USMC Wednesday, October 18 Churchill Place 5:30pm Map
2nd Lt. Charles Mueller Army Air Force Sunday, October 22 Mueller Court 5:30pm Map
Seaman Guadalupe Castaneda USN Monday, November 13 Castaneda Drive 5:30pm Map
PFC Edward Burrier Army Saturday, December 30 Burrier Lane 5:30pm Map
PFC Arthur Dishman - *Gray Place - Dishman Place - Map
Ensign Derril Wollert - **Taulbee Court - Wollert Court - Map

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